Alumni Awards

Edwin C. Fisher Grand Praetor Award

This award, established in 1985, honors a Grand Praetor who has executed his statutory duties, aided brothers and their chapters in reaching their full potential, and strived to foster a spirit of brotherly unity among the chapters within his province. It is named for former Grand Praetor and past Grand Quaestor Edwin C. Fisher, ILLINOIS 1928. This award is presented biannually at Grand Chapter. Fisher was also an Order of Constantine Sig.

William T. Bringham Best House Corporation Officer Award

First presented in 1974, the William T. Bringham Best House Corporation Officer Award is named for Order of Constantine Sig and Significant Sig Bill Bringham Sr., ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 1946, Sigma Chi’s executive secretary from 1954 to 1989. This award is given to the house corporation officer who has demonstrated outstanding loyalty to Sigma Chi through personal leadership, time and effort.

Semi-Century Sig Award

The Semi-Century Sig Award recognizes brothers who have been active in the Fraternity for 50 years or more. The award certificate and lapel pin denoting one's status as a Semi-Century Sig are presented at the request of an undergraduate or alumni chapter or member.