About Alumni Chapters

Alumni chapters and associations are thriving throughout North America. Brothers in alumni chapters gather to socialize, support philanthropic organizations and mentor undergraduates.

Find a Chapter

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Goals of Alumni Chapters

Alumni strengthen the Fraternity through their participation in alumni chapters. Some of these chapters' goals include:

  • Advancing the aims of Friendship, Justice and Learning.
  • Strengthening the name and ideals of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.
  • Providing and maintaining a vehicle for all area Sigma Chi alumni to share in the bonds of brotherhood.
  • Assisting nearby undergraduate chapters.
  • Providing financial and participatory support to the programs of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity and the Sigma Chi Foundation.
  • Providing career, employment and academic guidance for both alumni and undergraduates.
  • Providing a representative voice for area alumni regarding Fraternity issues.
  • Contributing to the betterment of society and our communities by fostering healthy community relations and undertaking meaningful community service activities.