Grand Trustee Q&A

Q We pay our active chapter’s House Manager to assist the house corporation with repairs and coordinating contractors. Is that acceptable?
A It’s important for the house corporation to maintain a clear separation from active chapter for liability reasons. To that end, active members should not serve on the house corporation board nor should they be on the payroll. Likewise, the house corporation should not waive rent or pay fraternity dues on behalf of an active. Scholarships, on the other hand, are a permissible and well established method of accomplishing what you seek to do.
Q I attended the Grand Trustees House Corporation Officers Training Seminar (HCOTS) last spring and found it extremely helpful. Besides useful information, I’m inspired to improve our house corp. Are there going to be other HCOTS?
A Glad you asked. HCOTS 2008 is scheduled for June 6-8 tentatively in Dallas TX. If you are a member of your house corporation board and are interested in attending HCOTS 2008, email