Monuments and Memorials


Member contributions from brothers, chapters or pledge class fundraising projects help to ensure the perpetual care of the Fraternity's major monuments, memorials and historical sites in a program sponsored by the Sigma Chi Foundation. The Monuments and Memorials of Sigma Chi booklet describes these sites in more detail and gives directions on how to engage.

Where to Find Monuments and Memorials

The Founding Site

The building housing the room in which the founding of Sigma Chi took place is located on the north side of High Street in Oxford, Ohio, at the town square. The building's second-floor room, which is the exact founding site, was renovated in 1992, and a plaque outside the building identifies its location. The building is owned by the Sigma Chi Foundation.

Constantine Chapter Memorial

The Fraternity's memorial to the Constantine Chapter is located on the west side of US Route 41, about 20 miles south of the Atlanta city limits, near Jonesboro, Ga.

Sigma Chi International Headquarters, Museum and Library

The J. Dwight Peterson International Fraternity Headquarters, which houses the administrative offices and records of Sigma Chi, Museum and Library is located at 1714 Hinman Avenue in Evanston, Ill., a northern suburb of Chicago. Headquarters is located one block south of the main Northwestern University campus and two blocks west of Lake Michigan.

Founders Memorial Monuments

These mark the gravesites of each of the seven Founders. More information including directions to visit these monuments can be found in the The Monuments and Memorials of Sigma Chi.

Gravesite of 9th Grand Consul Joseph C. Nate

9th Grand Consul and 13th Grand Historian Joseph C. Nate, ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 1890, authored the four-volume History of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. His grave is marked by a monument similar to those of the seven Founders, and is located in Bloomington Cemetery in Bloomington, Ill.

Gravesite of Harry St. John Dixon

Harry St. John Dixon, VIRGINIA 1861, the founder of the Constantine Chapter, is remembered at his grave in Mountain View Cemetery in Fresno, Calif.

Mausoleum of John S. McMillin

The mausoleum of 1st Grand Consul John S. McMillin, DEPAUW 1876, is located in Roche Harbor Cemetery in Roche Harbor, Wash.

Samuel H. Clark Memorial Monument

The Samuel H. Clark Memorial Monument was dedicated in December 1990 at Brookside Cemetery in West Chester, Ohio, and honors Samuel Clark, MIAMI (OHIO) 1858, who entered the Chapter Eternal on Oct. 1, 1856, and became the first brother to pass away.