The Seven Lights Alumni Award

The Seven Lights Alumni Award is presented to alumni members who have demonstrated significant service to the Fraternity.

Nominations are due to Headquarters by March 1 of each year and will be reviewed by the Alumni Awards Committee by the following June 1. Each recipient will receive a certificate to be presented at the local level; an additional certificate is prepared for the recipient's undergraduate chapter for their archives.

Each candidate must be nominated by at least three brothers. At least one letter of nomination must be from a Grand Praetor, Grand Trustee, alumni chapter president or chapter advisor. The other two letters of nomination may be from any active alumnus or undergraduate brother. To be eligible for this award, a recipient must have 10 or more years experience as an active Fraternity alumnus. No more than 28 Seven Lights Alumni Awards shall be given out annually. Significant Sigs and Order of Constantine inductees are not eligible to receive this award.

To view a list of award recipients, please click here.

To download the award application, please click here.